Primary Weapons Systems MK220 – .308

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.308 WIN
CALIBER .308 Win
WEIGHT 9 lbs, 7 oz

The PWS MK220 Rifle is perfect for those wanting to suppress their MK2 rifle. The MK220 is designed for a multitude of uses
and retains lethal capability out to 800 meters with varying types of ammunition.


Like its MK1 predecessor, the MK2 platform was initially designed around the
shortest available model. This platform allows for exceptional accuracy and light
recoil in a compact package combined with the power of the .308.
Employing the proven system originally designed for MK1 rifles, MK2 series rifles
utilize a gas piston system designed after the venerable AK-47, featuring a longstroke
fixed operating rod design with an adjustable gas block.
The free-floated handguard features the KeyMod interface which comes standard
with two 2” sections of 1913 rail as well as a continuous 1913 top rail.
Upper and lower receivers are forged from 7075 aluminum and have been carefully
designed to offer the perfect balance of weight and strength. Additional features
include the BCM GUNFIGHTER™ charging handle, an ALG Defense QMS trigger,
and a PWS MK2 Enhanced Buffer Tube allowing for the use of standard carbine
buffers. The rifle is rounded out with industry-leading features such as Magpul®
grip, stock, and MBUS2® sights.
PWS MK2 rifles can be purchased as a complete rifle or stand alone upper receiver.
All NFA rules apply.


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